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Leadership and Executive Coaching

Being the leader can be a lonely journey, full of expectations, meeting organizational needs, and a focus on developing others without much space for the leader’s own growth needs. We provide the space for leaders to focus on their own personal and career growth that map to their needs as a leader and whole person. From executive leaders to entrepreneurs, we provide a customized space for leaders to shift from focusing on “doing” to strengthening their connection to personal and professional growth. Additional supports include 360-review and debrief tools, TotalSDI assessment and DISC assessments, career mapping, transition planning, team culture building.


Working Parent Coaching and Maternity Leave Transition/Return

Being the working parent can be an exhausting journey, full of additional expectations beyond work, and focus on making all the pieces fit professionally and personally without much space for personal and career growth.  We provide the space for working parents to honor the transition and to embrace the new realities of being a working parent.  We support the growth in work-and-life harmony with a focus on self-care. In addition, we provide pre-and post-maternity leave transition support for leaders and interim leaders and team support during maternity leave.


New Manager Coaching

Being the new manager can be a complete shift compared to how one previously approached their work. From “achiever” and “doer” to leader and developer of others, we provide supports that focus on management best practices and common new manager topics. These include  the art of delegation and accountability, giving and receiving feedback, effective check ins, performance management, and team culture building.


Team Leadership Training

Being in charge of leading professional development can be daunting; it is a challenge to maximize the time for of all involved, while creating the most impact.  We provide the opportunity to engage with organizations and teams through a series of trainings and workshops designed to target common challenges, with customizable options for your unique needs. We provide TotalSDI assessment workshops to build individual and team awareness of motives, conflict series, strengths, and overused strengths.


Career Exploration and Job Search Strategies

Being a job seeker can be a time of vulnerability, uncertainty, and considerable mental “noise”. We provide the opportunity to have a personalized job search support system to meet the variety of needs of a job seeker. As with other areas of our practice, we help the job seeker do so from a place of strength and authenticity. We focus on clearing the noise and supporting our clients to identify and reconnect with their key pillars of strengths and nonnegotiable. We bring the lens of a former executive recruiter to provide insight and supports to strengthen job search strategy, networking plans, career goals, resume, cover letters, Linkedin, interview preparation, negotiations, transition plans, and setting goals for the first 90 days of new role.


Outplacement and Career Transition

Organizational layoff and transition support for leaders and teams. We provide customized career exploration and job search strategies with a focus on exploring new opportunities and the job search after transition. 

Additional Services

Dedicated time to cultivate your personal career narrative from a place of strength and values.

Support and thought partnership on how to cross the finish line of the job search from a place of strength and power.

90 minute interview preparation that includes mock interview and feedback


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