With a passion for igniting the spark of transformation, we provide a coaching experience that embraces the whole person. 

Leadership and Management for Individuals or Teams

We provide a variety of services to support individuals and team leadership.  We provide customized support for leaders to support career growth, management best practices, organizational growth and systems support, and culture building. Specialization in female leaders, entrepreneurs, and new managers.

Working Parents and Maternity Leave Transitions

We provide a variety of services to support working parent growth and development as they transition into navigating working life in tandem with family. Wrap around support for leaders in transition to or returning from maternity leave, as well as support for teams with leader on leave.  

Career Exploration and Outplacement

Through times of unexpected career transitions, career exploration, or active job seeking, we provide customized support for clients to navigate the job market.  From resume and cover letters, personal branding, networking, interviewing, to job negotiation, we support your career journey with a keen focus on your values and strengths. 

TotalSDI Assessment

Radical Spark Coaching is certified to administer and analyze the results of the TotalSDI assessment. This assessment provide a link between leadership and organizational performance. Research suggests that relationships, while often considered a “soft” skill, actually play a direct role in organizational and team performance. New goals, different team members, and changing roles, structures, and accountabilities are realities in today’s workplace that generate stress, conflict, and other relationship issues at all levels of the organization. Faulty work relationships often result in conflict that impacts every aspect of a business – from board and executive relations, to customer relationship management, supplier partnerships, and employee and labor relations.

Jackie redefines invaluable... She reminds you where you are strong, pushes you where you can grow, and gets you to ask yourself the questions you put off but need to answer.
— Eric Jessen, HR Director at Forward Advantage‬

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Working with us will not only spark your possibilities but also may be an opportunity for you to utilize professional development funds or a tax-deductible service.

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