Speaking Topics

  • Reigniting Your Career Spark and Resilience - Cultivating opportunities for career growth from a place of strengths and abundance for leaders and teams. 
  • The Organization Non-Negotiables: The Reasons Why You're Losing Your Talent 
  • The Art of Being Stolen - The Job Seeker Dream
  • What's Your Jam: Sharing What You Do and Why It Matters
  • Breaking the Cycle- Identifying Your Nonnegotiables for Career and Workplace
  • Navigating the Job Search From a Place of Abundance Not Scarcity
  • Dancing In Your Career Drumbeat: Embracing The Rhythm of Your Strengths and Nonnegotiable
  • Owning It - Owning Your Career Narrative and Non-Negotiables And Inviting Others Along
  • Networking Your Way To A New Path
  • Work-Life Harmony: Embracing the 4 P's 
  • Let's Talk Money - Navigating Salary and Negotiation
  • Taking the Leap - Launching Your Own Endeavor 
  • From Side Hustle to Full Time Swagger 

Do-er to Leader Series

  • Transitioning from Doer to Leader - Embracing Your New Role As Leader
  • Delegation 101
  • The Art of CheckIn
  • Utilizing Powerful Questions to Lead
  • The Art of Giving Thoughtful Feedback
  • Connecting Impact and Purpose To Your Work


Directors' Circle - Carnegie Foundation, NYC - September 2018 

Apres - Networking Webinar - December 2018


KIPP Summer School Summit - July 2014

PEAK Grantmakers Conference - DC - March 2015

National Young Professional Network Conference - August 2016

Teach for America - Manager and Leadership Webinar - Fall 2017

PEAK Grantmakers Conference - Orlando - March 2018

Southeastern Grantmakers Fireside chat - PEAK Grantmakers Conference - Orlando - March 2018

Ascend Leadership Summit - Microsoft - May 2018

Willamette Valley Development Officer Conference - July 2018


The Corporate Confidential- Finding The Right Coach

The Corporate Confidential- Do I Need A Coach

Total SDI Assessment Workshop

This half or full-day workshop includes development and facilitation of customized workshop and includes additional training incorporating TotalSDI Assessment workshop. The participants would begin the day with TotalSDI Assessment workshop and team building activity with interconnected activities that map to organization, team, or leadership identified need.   In addition, includes a customized team TotalSDI team triangulation module and assessment overview. 

Radical Spark Coaching is certified to administer and analyze the results of the TotalSDI assessment. This assessment provides a link between leadership and organizational performance. TotalSDI includes valid and reliable assessment tools that help you discover and influence the motives that drive behaviors. These tools provide valuable insights and a proven learning method that people can actually use to develop better leaders, build more effective teams, and reduce the growing costs of conflict. 


Customized Full Day and Half Day Workshops/Retreats

Customization and facilitation of Radical Spark Coaching workshop in key areas of engagement identified by the Client. Participants will take part in reflective exercises, interactive games, discussions, and activities for a half day workshop.