The Power of Title... from Exploration to Empowerment

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When I launched Radical Spark Coaching, I struggled with my official title and landed on the fancy sounding title of “Founder, Leadership and Career Exploration Coach.” It was good. It was new. It was mine. I patted myself on the back because I finally had words that felt closer to what I hoped to do in my new endeavor. I knew in my bones that I was not “just” an executive coach, career coach, or life coach. I put a lot of pressure on myself over this labeling of self. I felt that I needed a new fancy official title to distance me from past work titles and rebrand myself and my business. Not having one kept me paralyzed in uncertainty, so in typical fashion, I just pulled the ripcord and leaped. It scratched the itch and it was like a lovely piece of duct tape that sealed a crack of formality. I had my title and pushed forward with the launch of Radical Spark Coaching. Yay, I did it…

However, after almost two years of owning my own firm and coaching focused work, I realize it is time to pull off that duct tape and rebuild the wall. Plain and simple, my first official title was a good jumping off point but it wasn’t quite the right fit. Like Goldilocks and her many bowls of porridge, my original title felt close but not quite right. It bothered me and I began to feel odd introducing myself as Leadership and Career Exploration Coach. It felt off. It felt intangible. It felt inauthentic. And if there is one word that resonates with me most it is authenticity.

It feels a bit embarrassing to admit but I found myself up at night wrestling with the importance of the title. I was overthinking it all. My “achiever-doer” was in overdrive calling forth the “worrier” and “judge” to feast upon my uncertainty. Yes, we coaches are human and often the areas we coach others in are the areas we know all too well for ourselves. To quiet the silent panic and anxiety that weighed on me, I thought of how I would support one of my clients through such a time. I decided the healthiest approach was to “be” with my discomfort and trust that the right title would ring true when I was ready to hear it. And it did. Over the last few months, a common thread began to ring louder and truer as I worked with my clients to support their reshaping of their external brands and narrative. And it became clear, it wasn't “exploration” but “empowerment”.

Google defines empowerment as the following:



  1. authority or power given to someone to do something.
  2. the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights

Yes, that felt much truer and mapped to my life purpose statement that states:  

“I am the radical spark that ignites the passion for possibilities in others”

 And in owning my purpose and owning my strengths I am reshaping my narrative:

I am a whole-person coach who is at my best when I am supporting my clients to:

  • Embrace their strengths
  • Explore the possibilities
  • Champion authenticity
  • Approach life from a place of gratitude and abundance
  • Shift the power and ownership of external branding and narratives to self
  • Be in the moment to connect head and heart
  • Nurture the orchestra of life as we find our drumbeat and harmony within the relationship of work, life, and self-care
  • Identify ways to stop getting in their own way from a place of kindness and grace

So, with this, I share my new official title change to – Founder, Leadership and Career Empowerment Coach.